Side project

Quizler is an app that lets you create music quizzes based on personal preference in minutes. Integrated with Spotify to quickly let you play the suggested songs.

Let’s build something together.


01. Branding


Good quizzes are hard to come by, even harder to make them yourself.

I had no naive presumptions that building my own app utilizing ChatGPT would generate any quality quizzes. I was more interested in seeing what results I could generate with my prompt, working with the response schema and the Spotify API. And any excuse to play with React Three Fiber is a good one.

This app is built on top of Supabase for the authentication and database, and uses the Spotify API to get the songs based on recommendations generated by ChatGPT.

The app responds with different types of questions; multiple choice, open ended, and multi part questions — all of which can be flagged as a "trick question" at random. It returns a recommended song to go with the question based on the defined theme which is then fetched from Spotify. The response also includes factual context of the question and a fun fact.


02. Inverted branding

03. Start

04. Form

05. Result — pt. I

06. Result — pt. II